A Guide to Helping You Choose the Right Fire Pit For You

Fire pits make great outdoor accessories.

Although there are many options for pit design, the basic shapes tend to be the same. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best fire pit for your needs. These are just a few of the options you may find:

Iron fire pits. This is one of the most popular types of holes because it’s affordable. Iron is easy to work with and can often look like other metals or stones to get the desired look at a lower price. These are usually available in bucket-shaped bowls with a bottomless pit. There are also patterns cut on the sides.

Copper Fire Pits. Copper pits are highly sought-after for their unique look. However, these pits can dent slightly more accessible because the beautiful material is delicate. They are usually shaped like a bowl and have a dome-shaped metal screen top. Copper is also susceptible to oxidizing over time. You are likely familiar with the green patina which forms on copper surfaces. This should not discourage you from purchasing a copper pit. However, there are ways to prevent a patina from forming.

A wood-burning, propane or gas fire pit may be the best option. While gas fire pits are increasingly popular, many still prefer wood-burning holes. If your city doesn’t allow open fires, you will have to choose between a propane or gas fire pit. Both are safer than wood-fired holes and offer sparkless alternatives. In addition, propane pits are more portable.

Other options include chimineas and outdoor fireplaces. Although outdoor fireplaces add beauty to a backyard, they are more costly and more extensive. In addition, you will need to be careful where they are placed. Chimineas are portable, freestanding fireplaces. Chimineas are named this because they look like an average pit at the bottom but have chimneys. In addition, some chimineas have 360-degree screens that surround them, which allow heat to diffuse nicely.

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